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The new TOOL album is great for meditation.

I found myself in a weird scenario today. Trying to unwind I chose to finally listen to the 2019 TOOL album. It was downloaded with the intention to listen to a while ago but forgotten. Scottish Punk took over for a sec because I just needed to tell very loudly while driving around singing. Now its time to kind of chill out but still bob my head a little bit. I picked up the house and finally ate some food. Then I found myself brushing my hair with my fingers so I thought let's do a Reiki Hair Cleanse. So I sat there complete Zen mode, meditating, flowing with the music, cleansing my freaking hair. I'm thinking we should have a rock/ metal hair Ritual or something because I would love to jam with some of these songs for Hair Rituals. W

e don't always have to go for traditional mantras and nature sounds. You wanna listen to Cannibal Corpse while opening your third eye. That'd be pretty sweet... Let's be unconventional. Let's do things differently only because we enjoy it!. When we surround ourselves with people who have similar interests we can do anything. I bet you there is someone else wanting to enjoy the same moment as us. Break down the box and journey to find new exciting things. Being held down from expressing ourselves will hurt much more than our egos. When we shutdown creativity our Sacral Chakra can become blocked or unbalanced. Leaving us feeling unmotivated, lack of a sex drive, and emotionally unstable. Let's grab our friends and rock out to our new journey to come.

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