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Care + Repairs

Energetic Charge

Each stone and piece has only been touched me. We maintain our bodies and space to have a high vibration projecting nothing but loving protective energy.

To charge your stones yourself:

There are so many ways to charge your stones. But when it all comes down to it, your intention is the biggest step. 


With the most trust and faith in yourself and your own power. Whether you are a Reiki Practitioner, Energy worker, or just buzzin. You can cleanse the stones with your own energy. Make sure you are charged to your fullest and follow your intuition to fuel your stones.

Set your intention. What is it that you want your stone to project. Protection. Love. Clarity. Abundance. Open your Intuition.

Think about that. Talk about it. Meditate on it.

Then you can move on to your practice of choice.

Moonbath: Lay your stones out outside or by a window. Keep them there the day before and the day after the full or new moon. 

Salt Bath: Bury your stones in a bath of PURE SEA SALT - Himalayan is best- Keep them there for 24 hours - 2 weeks

Earth Bath: Bury your stones in the dirt. Keep there for 24 hours - 2 weeks. Let mother earth cleanse and pull what no longer serves you.

Water Bath: Rinse under running water -Natural Source is best (stream, lake, ocean) your sink faucet is okay- Imagine the heavy stagnant energy washing away. Keep in mind some stones are porous and getting them wet can cause them to become brittle.

Selenite: Some stones are self charging and can clean and charge other stones near them. Selenite is one of most common for this. You can create a crystal grid or lay the stones on top of the selenite 24-48 hours.

Limit the amount of people that touch your stones. They can absorb others energy and create unbalance.

These stone are yours.


General Maintenance

All Epoxy pieces are waterproof and heat resistant. Do not keep epoxy in direct sunlight for an extreme amount of time unmoved, this can cause some discoloration.

Keep pieces out of water for long periods of time to protect adhesive.

Raw Stones/ Crystals by the Gram

These stones and crystals are straight out of the ground. Not washed and not touched after being set out in the full moon. So they are clean charged and ready for you to put your energy into them. 

To Clean: Love them! They are your friends. Bath with them, sleep with them, hangout with them, sing to them,  HOLD THEM. 

Dawn dish soap and water will get a lot of the dirt off gently and is safe on skin. You can use a sponge, wire brush, or just your hands to clean them off and have your intention in mind.


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