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Locs + Dreads Consultation

The Dreadlock Journey is a long adventure. Time and maintenance are your friends. Your locs will begin to mature around the first year mark. Until then you will go through a process of binding and compacting the locs with regular maintenance, time, and wear. I will start your journey but most of the care is done at home.



The beginning of the process starts at your scalp. Your scalp is your key to identify what condition your locs are in. 


Dry Scalp is usually caused by your environment, product buildup, and lack of moisture. Dandruff is a yeast. So you have to tackle the two problems differently. 


Dry Scalp | Tea Tree Oil is your best friend. As well as a clean water based Hair Products, especially shampoo and conditioner. Scalp Care products will help restore moisture and prevent loss of moisture.


Dandruff | Being a yeast this might need to be treated by a healthcare provider. There are prescription grade shampoos and ointments that will clear up the scalp. Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue, and other over the counter shampoos can actually worsen your issues and cause build up.


Itchiness comes with the dreadlock lifestyle especially with long locs. Using scalp care and conditioning products you can reduce that. But there is an itch that comes with the lifestyle.



Once your locs are initially installed you will have to put a lot of work in to maintain them at home. Palm rolling is essential. After installation I will guide you on how to palm roll and root twist. If you would like to know how to crochet I can put extra time aside to guide you. Crochet can be tricky but can be done.



Wait at least 7 days to wash your hair after your installation. Your locs will be soft but after some palm rolling they will begin to compact. For your first wash you will want to be mindful not to be rough on your length but make sure you really clean your scalp. Using a silicone scalp brush is a nice tool to use. After your wash make sure to go in and separate those roots and twist the loose hairs with the loc. Once completely dry you can begin your palm rolling process. 



Every 6 - 12 Months I recommend doing a Detox. This will deep clean and remove any buildup and dirt that is inside your locs. Locs are like sponges so  don't be surprised if the water looks swampy, that's the best part. There are little inflatable pools made to soak your hair you can buy online. Or you can hop in that kitchen counter and plug the kitchen sink. This can also be done at the salon. Detox: 2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 Cup Baking Soda + Essential Oils of choice for scent. So you don't smell like a salad. Include these oils in your blend : Tea Tree Oil (Antiseptic) Frankincense + (Anti-Inflammatory). Follow with your wash routine.



For the first year you might need more maintenance done in the salon. I usually recommend an initial detail session 1-2 weeks after the installation just to really go in and detail your locs and make sure everything is looking clean and address any concerns you may be having as you start your Dreadlock Journey. After that we can go another 4 - 8 out for another appointment. Every journey is different so if you do maintenance at home you might find your hair is locking up faster than expected. From there we can see how long you want to go out for maintenance. Some people like the fluff, some people can't stand it, everyone is different.

This is mainly for Permanent Dreadlocks but the Scalp Care and Washing process is the same for Temporary  Dreadlocks.

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