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Custom Dreadlock Extensions



Wool extensions are soft and extremely durable. The material is a bit more comfortable on the skin than synthetic and human hair. And customizable in texture straight, wavy, and curly. They are also naturally antimicrobial. They can be a bit heavy when wet but can be dried faster by squeezing with a microfiber towel. They are also biodegradable.



Synthetic extensions are made out of a heat friendly, flame retardant material. And made into a crochet style locs, as well as  various braids and twists. They are close to human hair. They are durable and dry a little better than wool and human hair. Some synthetics can be itchy, I use a soft touch type that is less itchy than other synthetic materials. Not biodegradable.


Human Hair

Human hair extensions are natural and a bit pricy. They can be customized in any way. Human extensions can be a little itchy like normal dreads are. They are also Biodegradable. 


Whats the difference?


Temporary Extensions are made with Synthetic Hair or Wool Most sets are single and double ended. Which you can braid in. These can be worn for 1-4 months based on lifestyle, installation technique, scalp health, and hair growth. Used as a protective style when installed appropriately.

Crochet Style

Crochet Style is a traditional dread. They can be made with Synthetic and Human Hair. For both Permanent  and Temporary Dreadlock Extensions.

Single Ended

Single Ended Extensions have a loop on top that you can instal by locking the loop at the root and braiding down. Good for the perimeter.


Permanent extensions are left loose on top to allow the stylist to crochet the extension into an existing deadlock. These are added to existing or a new set of dreadlocks for length.


Wool Dreads are naturally  anti-microbial and very soft. They can be made into Temporary Dreadlock Extensions.

Double Ended

Double Ended Extensions are basically  one long dread folded in half. You can instal them by braiding your natural hair down one side. And adds volume by acting as two locs in one section.


Size + Texture


Locs can come in lots of sizes my main 3 for pre-made sets are Pencil, Sharpie, and Highlighter thick. Custom orders can request larger or smaller sizes as well as mixes.


Mixing up textures can be fun by adding in soome wave can make the locs look more natural and worn in. Curly and straight are my top 2. Also add in some braids and twists for some extra texture.


Wash + Care

Do not wash your locs for 1 or 2 weeks after installation. To wash you locs use a residue free or dilute your shampoo. My favorite is New Wash all in one wash. They also have a great silicone  scalp brush. Make sure scrub your scalp as over time the oil begins to build up. Follow the part lines to prevent fuzziness. Rinse for a good few minutes squeezing the water out as you rinse. After wring your locs out and squeeze with (preferably) a micro fiber towel. Lastly you can use your favorite scalp care products. Mine is Cult + King Tonik Spray. Which is great over all for hair and scalp health.

Air Dry do not use hot irons or blow dryers on synthetic locs. They can burn or melt. The best is in the summer months sitting outside while your locs dry in the sun. Only keep you temporary set in for 3 months or so to prevent any damage to your natural hair. And give your scalp and tresses some love, scalp treatments, and a nice massage. You can always reinstall your set. Give your extensions a nice detox and dry well before installation. You can shave off any pilling or fuzziness from your extensions. I do offer a retightening service on sets made by myself, the first is happily free of charge except shipping costs.  each after is $100 plus shipping cost.

Wash + Care
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